How Is Marketing An Inside Job?

Develop a deep profile of your future clients and speak directly to them…They will hear what you have to say.

Do you really know who your future clients are and exactly where they’ll be coming from?

Do you know which platforms they most frequently visit on the internet?

Is your company’s online marketing on the same platforms that your future clients frequent?

What are your future clients interested in and which of your services (products) are they most likely to want? […]

What online content (information) can your company provide which best appeals to your prospective clients’ attention when they need it?

Is your company able to empathize with the experiences of prospects throughout their entire online and purchasing experience?

What problems would future clients like solved? Are you able to solve those for them? How do you assure them of that?

What else do they want to achieve for their lives? Are you able to help them achieve those things? How do you demonstrate that?

How can you best express (market) the levels of satisfaction online that your future clients will experience with your company?

Can you effectively convey why future clients should choose to do business with you versus the other options available to them?

The science of marketing succeeds when able to thoroughly comprehend the thoughts, feelings, desires and behavior of those who make up your (qualified) prospective client market. Understanding who they are, where they go, what they need and why they purchase is golden information. Telling them what your company offers and what they’ll appreciate about your services (products) comes following that.

Construct a deep understanding of your future clients. Then speak to them. They need you and want to hear from you…

Your success is my job!

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