“The Intelligent Entrepreneur”

The Intelligent Entrepreneur: How Three Harvard Business School Graduates Learned the 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship, by Bill Murphy Jr., tells the stories of three HBS graduates (Chris, Marla and Marc) and the outcomes they experienced during and after launching their companies. They each had the audacity to believe that they had ideas that could leave positive marks on the world. They were right but their journeys were not without challenges and scary periods of time.

The three are referred to many times in the book as “high percentage” entrepreneurs and if you read the book you’ll find out why they’re high percentage. Not so much because of their HBS post graduate educations or the fact that they’re incredibly smarter than the rest of the population. Yes, they are very bright people, don’t want to downplay that, but they do well more because once they decided to go forward with their ideas, they believed in themselves and persisted through the difficult periods.

The Intelligent Entrepreneur talks deeply about entrepreneurship itself almost as much as it does the case studies of the three subjects. If you have business ideas that will solve problems for people and those ideas cause a burning desire to bring them to our world, then absolutely read this book (twice).

There’s also one other byproduct of reading this book that I’ve noticed. Not only is it about successful entrepreneurial endeavors of others. It’s also about the reader’s own skills becoming better honed as a result of traveling the journey with them. In other words, you will become a more effective and inspired entrepreneur yourself as a result of reading this great work.

If you have a business or are just plain interested in entrepreneurship, this may be the only book you’ll ever care to read about it. I read it last year and read it again last week. It’s that good!