A Reminder About Attracting More New Clients

New business comes from being trustworthy and developing strong rapport between you and your markets.

Many problems can harm a company. Naturally, there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to attract new clients. The encouraging news is that the customer base for most companies represents only a small percentage of their market. Treating current clients like royalty, while placing committed focus on prospects who aren’t yet customers, is (of course) the answer.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” -Woody Allen

For many elements in life, there’s much truth to Woody Allen’s idea. For marketing your products and company, especially on the internet, just showing up isn’t good enough. […]

Gone forever are days when people make purchasing decisions based on receipt of well-timed or placed advertisements. Because information is easily available and verifiable, important purchases are made only after a gathering of facts (education) has occurred. The concept of emotional purchases is going to die. Large spontaneous purchases, for the most part, may already have.

To succeed at marketing online, a company must comprehend and execute upon the importance of what we call “education“ (a.k.a. content) marketing. Education marketing is the opportunity a company has to provide useful information to a potential prospect (in advance, without cost) to establish credibility and knowledge of a particular subject. Information that gives them the feeling that you might be able to help solve a specific problem for their lives. It also gives people an opportunity to develop an interest (faith and trust) in your company and get to know you a bit better.

Solid business has always been the result of positive company and client relationships…..That doesn’t change.

Two primary conditions must exist to gain the attention of your target market: 1) extremely high quality information; in advance and free 2) on the most appropriate platforms for prospective clients (drawing below).

Useful information on a platform which isn’t frequented by a company’s market won’t be found by those who need it. Similarly, less than helpful, low-quality content on a correctly targeted platform will be ignored. The Internet is effective for business when the pertinent information is found in the right place by prospects. When comfortable, qualified prospects will then move forward to the company website, through the sales process and possibly provide the chance to become your new client.

For there to be a new client, there must be a need (or desire), an initial appeal, a connection based on confidence, and a continued positive, beneficial experience throughout. Many things must go right for sales to occur. Those are contingent on what we say. And where we say it.

New clients are out there, but they have to have very good reasons to want to know your company…

Help more and sell more.

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