What Is A Good Approach For Your Branding?

How to better project and promote your company's identity...

Through your business to customer marketing do you emit the feeling to people that they know you, like you and can trust you before they’ve even met you?

If your answer is “Yes”, then CONGRATULATIONS,  you’ve obviously developed a tremendous “brand identity” for your company and for yourself.

Be proud that you possess that ability and those qualities. Now all you must do is be and always demonstrate that you are those things (good, likable, trustworthy) and you’ll have many clients for life.  Understand and adhere to this principle within your business to customer marketing and self and you’ll receive tremendous results from there also. […]

Business cards, websites, brochures, logos, etc., are wonderful and must contain an essence of your company, products and services, but that’s merely a snapshot reflection of your “brand.” If you begin your business to customer marketing at the branding level and haven’t understood and developed your “brand identity” then a noticeable inconsistency will exist.  Credibility will not.

You’ll hand out pretty cards and pamphlets but they’ll merely be shiny things that you’ve chosen from a catalog. A million dollar website will be a waste of funds if it doesn’t “connect” people with you and it can’t if your identity (who you are, what you represent) isn’t present within it. That’s because YOU are missing.

We must identify our brand identity first. Only then can we proceed with the other marketing efforts which will then possess and convey our personal and business identity. If you spend just a brief time on other pages of this website, you’ll gain a feel and understanding for:

  • Who are we?
  • What specifically do we do?
  • Why exactly do we do it?
  • Who do we do it for?
  • What are our unique selling and value propositions?
  • How we position ourselves in the market we’ve chosen?
  • What then inspires this particular market to choose us?

Can you tell me about your company’s brand identity…

Your success is my job!

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