Why Should You Brand Yourself?

To demonstrate who you are, illuminate your positive, helpful, caring qualities into the hearts of people...

To brand yourself, known as personal branding too, is to create opportunities to make your presence more visible to the world, explain more about yourself, share about your overall value and differentiate yourself as an individual.

The first hurdle is getting comfortable with the idea of personal branding. But why wouldn’t you want to brand yourself?…

You are unique, fascinating and fantastic in so many ways. You are genuinely concerned about the wants and needs of others and bring so much good to people and to society in general.brand yourself, Jim Campbell, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, In-The-Flow Marketing

Why You Should Brand Yourself

Yes, we’re each distinct individuals, but we all have a lot in common too. We people are inherently social beings and want to know more about each other, especially when we encounter someone who is interesting and, even more, when that certain person (you) has things to share that educates, entertains and inspires us.

Some examples:

  • If you’re in business, branding yourself delivers advantages to your career and your company’s brand as a means of helping the business’ reputation for the long term. Branding yourself will help you make instant connections, begin developing rapport, generate good feelings and can help you to share endearing qualities with new, ideal prospective clients.
  • If you share expertise and other information (blogger, internet marketer, etc.), your personal branding will help you to reach niche markets and demonstrate who you are, what you are like, what you have to share and why they would want to get to know you better.
  • If you’re an artist, entertainer, your audience wants to know more about you personally, your story about how you rose to become such a wonderful performer and what your visions and plans for the future are. Many of us wish we had started earlier and done more with the arts when younger. Sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way.

We all rise higher when we inspire others and that causes us to believe in ourselves even more. […]

What About Marketing Your Company On The Internet?

The #1 activity on the internet today is still consumers gathering purchase information...

In a relatively short period of time, the Internet has become accessible and utilized by 75% of our fellow global citizens. Our world has been and will maintain its changing landscape in a number of fundamental ways. Because of it, fantastic new opportunities for companies have presented themselves…

The speed and cost of communication continue to improve greatly in your company’s favor. And not only has reach (targeting) and interactivity become near effortless, the feedback data (analytics) is fast becoming priceless to company business.

As a result, each of us can now potentially connect with over FIVE BILLION people worldwide (240,000,000 in the U.S.). Here’s another important fact for company owners to think about:

The US Dept. of Commerce has identified that the #1 activity on the Internet today is STILL consumers gathering purchase information.

Many millions of purchasing decisions are being influenced and finalized over the internet every day, often within minutes after a “connection” and subsequent level of conscious and subconscious interest is formed. […]

How In-The-Flow Marketing Helps Your Company

Develop and execute a winning strategy that delivers to your company, products, services and client market...

In-The-Flow Marketing will develop, document and help you get started with a fully customized strategic marketing solution that is guaranteed to grow your company.

We generate a constant and never-ending growth of clients and market exposure by delivering the strategy that fits your company, your products, services and customer base.

In-The-Flow Marketing shows how you can reach prospects who are ideal for you. People who genuinely want, can afford and are seeking your products and services.

How do we do that? […]

How Is Marketing An Inside Job?

Develop a deep profile of your future clients and speak directly to them…They will hear what you have to say.

Do you really know who your future clients are and exactly where they’ll be coming from?

Do you know which platforms they most frequently visit on the internet?

Is your company’s online marketing on the same platforms that your future clients frequent?

What are your future clients interested in and which of your services (products) are they most likely to want? […]

What Is A Good Approach For Your Branding?

How to better project and promote your company's identity...

Through your business to customer marketing do you emit the feeling to people that they know you, like you and can trust you before they’ve even met you?

If your answer is “Yes”, then CONGRATULATIONS,  you’ve obviously developed a tremendous “brand identity” for your company and for yourself.

Be proud that you possess that ability and those qualities. Now all you must do is be and always demonstrate that you are those things (good, likable, trustworthy) and you’ll have many clients for life.  Understand and adhere to this principle within your business to customer marketing and self and you’ll receive tremendous results from there also. […]