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To find ideal clients is the life-blood for all business and will be forever. All companies want rising sales but most also face some small level of client attrition over time; the exact opposite of growth. In either case, the solution for both (strong sales while overcoming some attrition) is the same: precision market targeting.

Precise market targeting will help your company find new and ideal clients and will also guide your marketing to become vividly clear about an important fundamental principle: That every product and service has its own distinctive market and should be precisely targeted as such. To deeply understand and practice this principle is guaranteed to boost your company’s lead generation and sales rates.

In other words, your company wants to consciously get away from indiscriminately throwing the proverbial big blanket (net) over large populations of people, while hoping the right ones are paying attention and will respond. This is a mindset shift that is extremely important to the success of both your online and offline marketing efforts. Identify your ideal clients deeply and speak to them directly.find ideal clients, Los Angeles, In-The-Flow-Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach

Please adopt the mindset that only people and companies that represent the true market for your company’s products and services should hear from you. No solace should be taken from high volumes of website visitors (and other platform analytics) if your sales numbers aren’t yet satisfactory.

Increasing sales revenues is always the true marketing “end game” and you will be pleasantly surprised how much your business starts to thrive from this simple shift in perspective.

There is no reason to ever knowingly spend or allow time and money to be wasted reaching wrong markets. Your goal should be to reach only your company’s own services and products purchasers. Precise market targeting does that. […]

Precise market targeting maximizes the results of your investments.

To expand a bit further, it’s usually not clearly understood by most; that attempting to reach a unique market by spreading a wide marketing net is extremely costly for any company, in many ways. Compounding it is worse. Perhaps it’s already a frustration in your life already today?

The “wide net” strategy is a mistake most companies make in the beginning until the better way is comprehended. Many, if not most, never really get to where they should be with this principle and continue poor targeting practices forever. Expensive and sad.

Certainly, some qualified prospects can be reached with the blanket effect but, for the most part, too many of your ideal prospective clients aren’t seeing your offers and too many non-qualified individuals are.

Again, too many of your ideal prospects aren’t seeing your offers and too many non-qualified people are…

Has your company ever generated large volumes of website visitors but received virtually zero leads or sales as a result? Those “great” volume numbers that reflect visitor traffic is fool’s gold.

Find ideal clients with better targeting and less money spent.

Often, there’s often a tendency to blame the website for its inability to “convert” new clients. Certainly, that notion could still be accurate, but taking a hard look towards how well you are doing at targeting and reaching your market is also an important element to review and optimize.

This is not to insinuate that receiving 100% of well-targeted prospects is possible. It’s not. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that a high percentage of your website visitors, phone calls, Email inquiries and even word-of-mouth conversations involve people who both want and have the financial means to purchase your services and products?

Think about the wasted time and money that would go directly to your bottom line or invest elsewhere in your company to help scale any area you’d like.

So, how can you do precision market targeting?

It starts with verifying that your company’s valuable marketing currencies (time and money) are effectively dedicated to the essential elements and your most desired objectives: The job of your marketing is to attract, create the opportunity for you to meet prospects and for them to become new, qualified (soon to be extremely satisfied) and better clients for your company.

Let’s say you sell expensive homes or cars. Naturally, you benefit greatly (sell more) if the majority of those who visit your website are high income – high net worth individuals and families. Frankly, from your company’s perspective, these are the only people you can really serve anyway. Showing homes or automobiles that can’t be afforded benefits no one.

You will also benefit even more just by knowing it to be the case; that most of your visitor traffic is truly qualified and nobody is wasting anybody’s resources (time or marketing budget).

*ADDITIONAL NOTE: Why is precise market targeting extra important? Because you want to be able to then also retarget those who visited your website. They were qualified, they showed up, but didn’t buy. That’s actually OK. Because that doesn’t mean they never will but. Perhaps they were distracted or want to think about it more. Retargeting helps you to keep in touch with them, to help ensure they will think about you more today and continue to consider purchasing soon.

**ADDITIONAL NOTE #2: When precise market targeting is on the minds of everyone in your company, the precision also ensures your marketing content producers accentuate more about what the client would experience, feel and enjoy (benefits) and less about the product itself (features). This is a positive bonus byproduct that occurs as a result of the acute clarity that comes when your company members practice speaking directly to only your future clients.

Find ideal clients with precise market targeting.

Naturally, you always want to know and experience the effects (leads and sales) that are delivered when ideal and qualified individuals are consuming your marketing content in whatever form and platforms you utilize; especially with your website.

When your company masters reaching its actual market and when it becomes an inherent business practice, you will have achieved an enormous victory that can become part of your company’s DNA forever.

Why is this a skill you want to be maintained within your company for the rest of its life?

Because precise market targeting is the gift that will keep giving back to you. For as long as you’d like it to.


“What Platform Makes Finding New Ideal Clients Possible?”

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