Why Is Coffee For Closers?

Target your marketing. It changes everything, for everybody...

Remember Blake (Alec Baldwin) in “Glengarry Glen Ross?”

Put. That coffee. Down. Coffee’s for closers only.”


The leads are weak?” The f’n leads are weak? You’re weak. I’ve been in this business fifteen years…”


These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they’re gold, and you don’t get them. Why? Because to give them to you would be just throwing them away… They’re for closers.”

Classic script writing and acting for sure, but what exactly were those Glengarry leads and what makes them so special? […]

Even knowing that 20% of the sales people in our world close 80% of the sales, there’s still much to be said about the quality of leads. Clearly the Glengarry leads were well targeted with a high probability and expectation to close. On those cards were the names, addresses and phone numbers of truly interested prospects who were waiting for that call from a “Mitch & Murray” salesperson.

The leads are golden because they weren’t just produced as a result of marketing mud thrown against the wall. The sales person who calls on those leads has a great chance to close the business because he or she is actually fulfilling a desire or solving a problem for someone. The prospects themselves at some point have already indicated as much.

Weak leads are time, money and enthusiasm thieves. If you’re a business owner or in sales, consider how exciting and lucrative your life would be if you could close a high percentage of your sales activities? What if you went to work every day expecting to close numerous sales? That possibility comes from expert salesmanship and, also, working with well targeted leads.

Target your marketing. It changes everything. Significantly. For everybody. Then…

A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing…

Decide that you’re going to get the “Glengarry leads” for your company.

Your success is my job!

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