Precise Market Targeting Is Vital To Your Company’s Success

A business asset and skill your company should have for life...

Precise market targeting will help your company become vividly clear about an important fundamental marketing principle: That every product and service has its own distinctive market and should be precisely targeted as such. To deeply understand and practice this principle is guaranteed to boost your company’s lead generation and sales rates. Period.

In other words, your company wants to get away from indiscriminately throwing the proverbial big blanket (net) over large populations of people. This is important to the success of all your online and offline marketing efforts.

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Please adopt the mindset that only people and companies that represent the true market for your company’s products and services should hear from you. No solace should be taken from high volumes of website visitors (and other platform analytics) if your sales numbers aren’t yet satisfactory.

Increased sales revenues always being the true marketing “end game”, you will be pleasantly surprised how much your business is rewarded over time from this simple shift in perspective.

There is no reason to ever knowingly spend or allow time and money to be wasted reaching wrong markets. Your goal should be to reach only your company’s own services and products purchasers. Precise market targeting does that. […]

How To Attract More New Clients

Solid business comes from trustworthy and otherwise strong relationships between you, your clients....and good marketing.

Many problems can harm a company, but of course there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to attract new clients.

The encouraging news is that the customer base for most companies represents only a small percentage of their market. Treating current clients like royalty, while placing committed focus on prospects who aren’t yet customers, is (of course) the answer.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” -Woody Allen

For many elements in life, there’s much truth to Woody Allen’s idea. For marketing your products and company, especially on the internet, just showing up isn’t good enough. […]