Marketing Is An Inside Job

Develop a deep understanding of your future clients and speak directly to them…They will listen to what you have to say.

Do you really know who your future clients are and exactly where they’ll be coming from?

Do you know which platforms they most frequently visit on the Internet?

Is your company’s online marketing on the very same platforms that your future clients frequent?

What are your future clients interested in and which of your services (products) are they most likely to need? […]

About Branding

How to better project and promote your company's identity...

Through your business to customer marketing do you emit the feeling to people that they know you, like you and can trust you before they’ve even met you?

If your answer is YES, then CONGRATULATIONS,  you’ve obviously developed a tremendous “brand identity” for your company and for yourself. 

Be proud that you possess that ability and those qualities. Now all you must do is be and always demonstrate that you are those things (good, likeable, trustworthy) and you’ll have many clients for life.  Understand and adhere to this principle within your business to customer marketing and self and you’ll receive tremendous results from there also. […]

How To Attract More New Clients

Solid business comes from trustworthy and otherwise strong relationships between you, your clients....and good marketing.

Many problems can harm a company, but of course there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to attract new clients.

The encouraging news is that the customer base for most companies represents only a small percentage of their market. Treating current clients like royalty, while placing committed focus on prospects who aren’t yet customers, is (of course) the answer.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” -Woody Allen

For many elements in life, there’s much truth to Woody Allen’s idea. For marketing your products and company, especially on the internet, just showing up isn’t good enough. […]

Without New Ideas, We’re In Big Trouble

Remember Napster?...

Certainly, we all remember Napster, the online service which enabled people to illegally trade and download music to their computers for free.

You’ll also likely recall that Napster had the record companies, publishers and distributors stumped for years regarding how to combat the piracy of their content…licensed music.

While Napster’s practices (as they were then) were eventually shutdown by the courts for infringement of copyrighted music, the music industry itself never came close to producing a solution for their Napster problem. Not until an outside entity came around (Apple), could anything resembling a solution (iTunes) be identified. […]

The Intelligent Entrepreneur

“How badly do you want this?” is the perfect question for entrepreneurs to ask themselves daily...

The Intelligent Entrepreneur, by Bill Murphy Jr., tells the stories of three Harvard Business School graduates (Chris, Marla and Marc) and the outcomes they experienced during and after launching their companies. They each had the audacity to believe that they had ideas that could leave positive marks on the world. They were right but their journeys were not without challenges and scary periods of time.

The three are referred to many times in the book as “high percentage” entrepreneurs and if you read the book you’ll find out why they’re high percentage. Not so much because of their HBS post graduate educations or the fact that they’re incredibly smarter than the rest of the population. Yes, they are very bright people, don’t want to downplay that, but they do well more because once they decided to go forward with their ideas, they believed in themselves and persisted through the difficult periods. […]

About The Internet

The #1 activity on the internet today is still consumers gathering purchase information...

In a relatively short period of time the Internet has become accessible and utilized by nearly 75% of global citizens.

As a result each of us can now potentially “connect” with over FIVE BILLION people worldwide (240,000,000 in the U.S.). Another thought for business owners:

The US Dept. of Commerce has identified that the #1 activity on the Internet today is STILL consumers gathering purchase information.

Millions upon millions of purchasing decisions are being influenced and finalized over the Internet each and every day, often within minutes after a “connection” and subsequent level of interest is formed. […]

“Coffee is for closers.” It’s about the leads.

Target your marketing. It changes everything, for everybody...

Remember Blake (Alec Baldwin) in “Glengarry Glen Ross?”

Put. That coffee. Down. Coffee’s for closers only.”


The leads are weak?” The f’n leads are weak? You’re weak. I’ve been in this business fifteen years…”


These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they’re gold, and you don’t get them. Why? Because to give them to you would be just throwing them away… They’re for closers.”

Classic script writing and acting for sure, but what exactly were those Glengarry leads and what makes them so special? […]

About Your Company Goals

Your aspirations are your possibilities...

To best serve you and verify that In-The-Flow Marketing and Consulting can help you accomplish your company’s business goals, it’s important to understand what those are.

It’s also of value to comprehend other associated “driving factors” and overall approach regarding your business marketing.

The questions below are intended to assist with an understanding of your business goals and how we can help you exceed them […]