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"Scale Your Company With Marketing That Works Without Destroying Your Budget"

You Must Have A Well Researched And Developed Marketing Strategy That Will Deliver Your Company To Greatness....How? By truly understanding your market, delivering an unmistakable message to people of how your products and services will genuinely enhance their lives, clearly demonstrating how dependable your company is, followed by an increasing number of "I WANT THAT!" decisions.

Dear Great Company Builder,

Can you envision advancing your company by adding new ideal clients, in the quickest, most efficient way possible? When done right, that is what happens.

See, most company owners and management live with a never-ending dilemma. They are usually experts on the operation and delivery side and fully understand their companies, products and services. But almost all are in serious need of help with marketing their products, services and brand…

That is the true business side and it is the most important because it is where new clients, cash flow, solvency and personal wealth also come from. To look at things any differently is costly.

Selling, no matter if in person or through media, requires an emotional connection. The better you comprehend your market and how people feel, the more you can be understood, accepted and trusted. And the best way to display your understanding of a group of people is by the language you use when speaking to them.

The three elements of marketing are: Market, Message, and Media. It is most important to get the language (message) right first. It tends to boil down to this:

The right service or product, presented to the right people, in the right way, is what creates the privilege to serve your market.

Today, when a business owner says to himself “I need to better market my business,” what they usually mean is, “I need to place some ads somewhere.” He or she then looks for an advertising medium that he or she thinks will work for their particular industry. To many business owners, that’s all that marketing represents, and it usually doesn’t work very well.

And to make matters worse, the salespeople for advertising mediums have hijacked the term, “marketing consultants.” It doesn’t matter if they sell printed products, signage, radio ads, TV ads, social media pages or the ad space on the back of grocery receipts—they all call themselves “marketing consultants.”

But the problem is this—none of these “consultants” actually do any consulting. Furthermore, none of these advertising mediums represent the core meaning of marketing. A true marketing consultant will advise your business on the content and message of your advertisement; not just the medium.

That’s what marketing really is—it’s the message, not the medium. The leverage that you have available in your advertising efforts is in the message or content of the ad—again, not the medium. It’s what a true marketing consultant does—they consult with businesses on what to say in their marketing. They develop messaging and complete marketing campaigns that generate more quantifiable results than anything else (sometimes by exponential factors).

A commitment to talking about what you do or sell in factual, logical, straightforward and thus dull and uninteresting language leaves you vulnerable to commoditization and price-based competition and bars you from ever becoming a subject of fascination among a target audience of prospective clients. Being boring and ordinary is a choice you make, not something forced on you

Here’s a test—think back to the last advertisement or marketing piece that was created for your company. What was it—a brochure, a website, a printed ad? Now here’s the question—how much money did you pay to have the content of that advertisement formulated and how much revenue did it produce for your company? You paid nothing, right? Content is usually just quickly produced. Think about it—the most important part of your marketing material—that is, the content and message—was thrown together by people who usually have no idea how to create good messaging.

Here’s the point—when you think of marketing for your business, think primarily about your message. Consider what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Think less about media—and think more about messaging. Only once you have the right message should you start considering which mediums to run your marketing in. This is important!

Marketing is performance art and science. If you (or plan to) spend any amount of money on marketing for your company, be sure that desired results are part of your equation. There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way. Which do you choose?


To help, I’ve created an offer that we’re making available to you at an affordable fixed cost, but just for a limited time. It’s guaranteed to transform your company.

I’ll develop a marketing strategy that will help you remodel that part of your business to one that grows your client base faster, markets “on purpose” and drives profits. I’ll comprehend your overall vision, what marketing, media and messaging you currently have in place and what you may have tried in the past. It really doesn’t matter how much knowledge you possess, don’t have, things that have been done, haven’t been done, etc. All that does matter is where you want to get to from today. It becomes my job to help get you there; as simply, inexpensively and as quickly as possible.

Are your products, services and company scalable? Should you be selling more?

 More details about our “Marketing For Great Company Builders” offer:

We’ve crafted a three step process which requires a small investment on your part, but will return tremendous value to you. I also ask that you be determined and commit to moving your business to higher levels of achievement through marketing your products well.

First, the work for me to do:  After you signup for our Marketing For Great Company Builders” offer, you’ll receive an Email questionnaire regarding your company and relevant elements that will help with our discovery duties. Information including company name, website address (if applicable), a general idea of what you’d like to accomplish, past marketing initiatives and related experiences or challenges, etc. It should take only about 30 minutes for you or staff member to complete. Naturally, the more information the better. I’ll then spend however much time is necessary to find out everything I can regarding your marketing presence, that of your industry and other courses of review that your questionnaire answers prompts.

Second, “Marketing For Great Company Builders”: Within three days after receiving your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 60-minute meeting or telephone conversation with you and any members of your team that you’d like to be present. I’ll show up for this discussion prepared and packed with ideas. I’ll have some additional questions which will aid the quality of our work and also assist with the preparation of step #3. This will be an extremely productive session and provide high value for your company.

Third, “Marketing For Great Company Builders” documented strategy Then, within seven days following our Strategy Discussion, you will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy from me which will contain everything that’s been observed and new ideas about marketing your business and about your industry, in addition to everything else we discussed. Included within my comprehensive document to you will be a marketing plan that is guaranteed to succeed. I can assure you that you’ll receive highly productive marketing recommendations, insights, practices and ideas for your company that you hadn’t given much consideration to before. If you’re located near Redondo Beach (South Bay), CA, we can meet to discuss. Otherwise, phone conversations can be held to review the strategy to ensure success is achieved by you. 

That’s all there is to it: a decision on your part, information sharing, rolling up my sleeves and doing really good work (it’s what I do), a high value discussion, some additional good work for me to do, then creation and submission of a comprehensive written marketing strategy to you and as many follow up discussions as you’d like. We’ll also research and report about how and what your competitors are doing. Action must be taken by you. Don’t hold yourself back…

Is marketing an area requiring improvement for your company?

Company builders, who market their great products properly, will always do well!


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