How To Convert Your Message Into New Clients

This tool will help you develop an improved message vocabulary and enable you to 'reach' your market like never before.

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New clients, customers and sales are the lifeblood of all companies and businesses of every size. Consider all of the many things sales delivers: more customers, clients, patients, referrals, revenue, income, business and personal solvency, financial fitness and freedom, growth, achieved goals, personal satisfaction, personal riches, great reputation, high self-esteem, confidence, delight, joys of success, happiness, fame, fulfilled dreams, terrific lifestyle, happy family, beautiful home, great schools and upbringing for the kids, ability to give more to society and causes, a fulfilled life and more.

So why wouldn’t all people, companies and businesses do everything they can to achieve more sales? It’s usually a lack of the right tools. With this simple 5-step process, I’ve removed that as a reason and made it easy to comprehend and complete at the same time.

Completing these 5-steps for your particular audience will help you create your “messaging-for-new-clients” vocabulary to demonstrate that you understand your clients and helps them feel they know you, like you, can trust you and that you will be able to help them even more than they ever hoped for. 

Answering these five questions as deeply as you can, will help your company build a vocabulary that will reach customers at their natural feelings, emotions and even subconscious levels. You will immediately begin resonating with more consumers.

Various markets, products and services will produce different visceral vocabularies. The “vocabulary” examples provided here are for In-The-Flow Marketing’s audience and its services. You will see how a vocabulary gets into the more personal and emotional aspects for them.

That said, I have to warn you. There is some good thinking and work that needs to be done. This is for people who are devoted to their business for the long-haul. Though you should never be 100% done, you will soon come out of this with a living, working document that will serve you well forever. Maintain and keep adding to it over time. The more you document about your customer, the better this tool becomes and the better you can demonstrate your knowledge about them. Companies grow that are well loved. The results of your work will demonstrate your understanding and love for them and pay dividends immediately.

All you need is this tool to demonstrate that you know people in your markets so well and want them to feel your love and understanding. Sound good? Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Create A Deep List Of All The Things Your Customer Wants That You Deliver (Make it personal and emotional)

In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, visceral vocabulary, salesWhat do your customers want as it relates to your product or service? Make it personal. Get as deep as you can. This will help you to show customers that you know what they want and why they want it. (Examples given are for the In-The-Flow Marketing audience. Your visceral vocabulary will likely differ.)

Vocabulary: more money, more sales, more cashflow, clients, customers, patients, revenue, income, referrals, marketing that produces, financial fitness, business and personal solvency, fulfillment, great reputation, personal confidence, fulfilled dreams, to be famous, beautiful home, happy and satisfied wife, happy family, proud family, goals achieved, personal riches, feel good everyday, personal satisfaction, great lifestyle, more time for family, well-known and respected, high self-esteem, great schools for kids, great upbringings and childhoods, can grow the business, can build a team, business problems become solvable, future looks terrific, finally experiencing the joy of success, wonderful rock-star type feelings daily, overall happiness, contribute more to community and society, give more to charities and other causes…               

IMPORTANT- Your customers are always the main characters in their lives; not your company or your product. You are the teacher, the guide in the relationship. It’s important to not position yourself (your company) as the hero. That causes people to shut down quickly.

Step 2: List The Specific Problems Your Customer Wants To Solve or What Desires They Want To Fulfill (Include personal and emotional)

In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, visceral vocabulary, salesCompanies tend to sell solutions to external problems, yet customers buy solutions for their internal (visceral) reasons: emotions, feelings, frustrations, must trust first, must feel comfortable, overall gut feel, etc. Showing that you understand is the first step to establishing comfort and trust.


Vocabulary: not enough time and money, lack of expertise, hard to make marketing work, poor economy, overall ‘overwhelm’, feels daunting, paralysis through analysis, low enthusiasm, low confidence, haunted by past mistakes, fear of trying new things, other inner blocks, resources strapped, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of unknown, strong competition, complacency, loss of focus, became a “look-a-like”, overall doubt, self doubt, pride, procrastination, lack of self awareness, low motivation, no gratitude, overall negativity, lack of discipline, lack of preparation, no principles of success, no studying, ignore things that shouldn’t be ignored, fear of trying new things, bad social circle…        

  • EXTERNAL (The specific problem to be solved or desire to be fulfilled)

Vocabulary: poor marketing results, missing resources and expertise for marketing success, no long-term strategy, overall lack of know-how to make related decisions, other confusing factors and options, low overall confidence…    


Vocabulary: feels frustrated, defeated, depressed, desperate, disappointed, confused, self-doubting, dread, embarrassed, envious, agitated, fearful, guilty, hopeless, humiliated, hurt, it’s a grind, impatient, indifferent, insecure, irritated, jealous, confidence lost, lonely, nervous, emotionally overwhelmed, anguished, regretful, remorseful, resentment, resigned, sad, annoyed, skeptical, somber, shocked, suspicious, anxious, uncertain, uneasy, wary, worried, scared, dismayed, failure, floundering…   


Vocabulary: “You shouldn’t have to be a marketing expert to enjoy the benefits of good marketing and having a successful business, income and lifestyle.” 

“All people who work hard should be able to have and enjoy a business that thrives.” 

“I deserve to work with a marketing expert who knows what they are doing and can 100% guarantee that they can and will produce.”  

Step 3: List The Many Reasons Why You Are You The Best Teacher and Provider To Help Them Solve The Problems or Fulfill The Desires

In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, visceral vocabulary, salesNOTE– Your customers aren’t looking for you to be the main character in their life. They are looking for a teacher or a guide, the right guide. When a person or company comes along and positions itself as the hero, customers remain distant (fear, feels overbearing, intimidating, no reason to trust established, don’t want to make a mistake, be ‘bamboozled’, etc.).

  • EMPATHY (Share Your Personal Experiences And Caring Thoughts)

What brief statement can you make that expresses empathy and understanding? The good teacher (you) expresses understanding of the pain and frustration of the main character. You want them to have confidence in you and in your ability to help them.

“I know how hard it is. I remember the struggles, so much to know and learn, without a curriculum to follow.” 

“I remember thinking and telling myself many times that I’m going to do whatever it takes, while at the same time, not knowing what that was exactly.”

“I also remember the struggles, even wondering if maybe I should think about doing something else, despite telling myself that I would never quit.”  

“Confidence and enthusiasm challenges. I’d forgotten at times what it felt like to always feel confident and enthused. Even felt somewhat hopeless at times. But I wasn’t going to let those things stop me.”

“They did slow me down at times though. Too much uncertainty leads to short-term focus. Easy to lose the big picture.” 

“Would lose track at times of why I was doing it. Long-term goals would sometimes fade away.”

“At times, I felt that maybe I was working too hard. Paralysis through analysis?” 

“Sometimes I felt lonely.” 

“Being an entrepreneur is lonely.”

“Am I making good decisions?” 

“Is my life balanced enough?” 

“Time/activities management good?” 

“Am I committed enough?” 

“Losing passion?” 

“Locked the world out too much?” 

“Want to let the world back in.” 

Step 4: List The Many Failures You Will Help Them Avoid (Include personal and emotional)

In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, visceral vocabulary, salesEvery human being is trying to avoid a tragic ending. List the negative consequences your customers experience if they don’t use your product or service. Will the main character (customer) succeed or will they fail? It will become your role to ensure they succeed. Tell them why they should choose you.


Vocabulary: continued financial problems, may need to get jobs, negative cash flow, market deterioration, can’t reach people, can’t sell, need to reinvent business and personal, other crisis’, people problems, layoffs, depression, frustration, family issues, marital issues, other relationships failures, stress, company failure, personal failure, diminishing sales, other personal hardships, constant anxiety, sadness, disappointment, regret, concern, OCD, fear, more self-doubt, doubt, broken dreams, broken expectations, crushed hopes and visions…

Step 5: List What Success Will Look and Feel Like For Them After They Buy (How their lives will be transformed)

In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, visceral vocabulary, salesNever assume people understand how you and your company can change their lives. Tell them what is in it for them. List the positive changes your customers will experience if (when) they use your product or service. Their desires, frustrations and aspirations already exist. You are their answer.

Vocabulary: more money, highly respected, well-known, incredibly effective, rich and productive, to be transformed and transformative in all aspects of life and in business, an inspiration to others, great story to tell, proud, posterity, security, doing good by changing the world, novelty, mentor for others, expert, recognition, constant great feelings, financial independence, reinvention, create jobs, successful brand, status, reach potential, enjoying inner peace, stability of many forms, fulfillment, self-acceptance, contentment, self-actualization, and much more…

“So, what do we do next for more sales?”

You’ll probably notice a new set of words that you haven’t used much before. Once you’ve created your visceral vocabulary, you’ll want to analyze your existing talking points and start mixing your elevated vocabulary throughout your website, social media profiles, rethink future postings, Email marketing strategy, lead generation magnets and any other platforms, content delivery and advertising media mechanisms you use. Frankly, this is a good time to review and consider refining your overall marketing strategy entirely. Any new content your company produces should be based on the themes and elements of your visceral vocabulary. You will reach customers at their intuitive, instinctive, natural, emotional and reflexive state. You are demonstrating to them that you understand.

Doing this work will improve your company’s sales forever. You will begin seeing improved results immediately and other positive trends will appear in every area now that you’ve established your new marketing vocabulary.

People will feel you are speaking directly to them, and most of them will say to themselves…That’s me!” 

I want you and your business to thrive. Complete the form below or Email if you have questions. I’m happy to help. No strings. 

History is filled with inferior brands outselling better ones thanks to greater marketing and advertising. Only superior marketing has the power to overcome and reverse this. And your first-rate products and services deserve the level of customer marketing and messaging that achieves that.

Companies grow when they are loved by many. If not enough customers is your problem, I may very well have your solution.

If what you have to sell matters, then your sales and lifestyle should reflect that.

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How Facebook Ads Grow Sales

By giving companies the opportunity to speak directly to truly qualified prospective clients, with little risk.

You may have heard the joke about the guy outside a bar who was seen scuffling around on the ground under a corner street light. A policeman came along and asked him what he was doing. “I lost my keys.” the man said. The officer started to help him look, but after about ten minutes the exasperated policeman asked the man, “Are you sure you dropped them here?”

“No, I dropped them way over there, by my car,” said the man while pointing at a parked car twenty yards away, “but the light is much better over here.”

Why that story? Because no matter how hard he looks, the man is never going to find his keys there – and this same principle applies to your company’s business and its marketing and advertising success. You don’t want any of your marketing efforts spent attempting to make contact with new clients in places where they won’t be reached. This may seem obvious, but can you estimate what percentage of your advertising has a chance of truly connecting with potential ideal clients today?Facebook Advertising, In-The-Flow Marketing, Jim Campbell, Los Angeles, South Bay, Redondo Beach

Evaluate If Facebook Advertising Would Enable You To Reach More New Ideal Customers, Clients or Patients

Consider if you’re currently investing marketing dollars and if you’re reaching people who don’t want, need or perhaps can’t even afford your products. Not a desirable scenario.

Frankly, companies missing their markets entirely is much more common than precise market targeting is. People tend to not be very good at targeting precisely enough to grow their sales. This is not an area for anyone in your company to be sloppy, lazy or under-informed…

Sadly, most marketing budgets evaporate with only small or no returns as a result. That’s because precision market targeting is difficult until you get the hang of it and that requires the right tools, knowledge and work habits.

When your company does attain this expertise, it will change your business life in ways you’ve only imagined. Guaranteed.

Many things can harm a company, but there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to reach qualified new clients. The good news is that they’re easier to find and connect with when precise targeting is employed. […]

How To Find Ideal Clients

Commit your business to this simple marketing fundamental to surge your sales...

To find ideal clients is the life-blood for all business and will be forever. All companies want rising sales but most also face some small level of client attrition over time; the exact opposite of growth. In either case, the solution for both (strong sales while overcoming some attrition) is the same: precision market targeting.

Precise market targeting will help your company find new and ideal clients and will also guide your marketing to become vividly clear about an important fundamental principle: That every product and service has its own distinctive market and should be precisely targeted as such. To deeply understand and practice this principle is guaranteed to boost your company’s lead generation and sales rates.

In other words, your company wants to consciously get away from indiscriminately throwing the proverbial big blanket (net) over large populations of people, while hoping the right ones are paying attention and will respond. This is a mindset shift that is extremely important to the success of both your online and offline marketing efforts. Identify your ideal clients deeply and speak to them directly.find ideal clients, Los Angeles, In-The-Flow-Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach

Please adopt the mindset that only people and companies that represent the true market for your company’s products and services should hear from you. No solace should be taken from high volumes of website visitors (and other platform analytics) if your sales numbers aren’t yet satisfactory.

Increasing sales revenues is always the true marketing “end game” and you will be pleasantly surprised how much your business starts to thrive from this simple shift in perspective.

There is no reason to ever knowingly spend or allow time and money to be wasted reaching wrong markets. Your goal should be to reach only your company’s own services and products purchasers. Precise market targeting does that. […]

How To Get Good Marketing Results Fast

Take these actions and quickly compound your returns.

Thanks to the internet, good marketing results and rising sales incomes can be much loftier than merely incremental. Like other investments that compound, good marketing should expand and multiply itself exponentially over time. When you truly determine, define and tap deeper into your market, an extremely powerful business asset materializes. Think virality.

Question: Do you feel your company’s marketing should be producing better than it does? If so, you may have become a member of a very old club no company should ever join…It is time to revoke your membership.

About a hundred years ago, a successful merchant at the time (think Macy’s), and considered to be a pioneer in marketing said this:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.
The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”
-John Wanamaker

good marketing results, In-The-Flow Marketing, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, marketing

Obviously, marketing that disappoints has been around since advertising was born. Though John struggled with his a century ago, the waste remains prevalent and antagonizes most companies today.

Most companies should ask themselves these ten vital questions.

In fact, a majority of managers know (or at least sense) that their company’s marketing fritters away glorious amounts of time and money today, but don’t know what to do about it.

Do you feel your financial and time investment in marketing should return more than it does?

Sound strategic marketing principles deliver superior results and getting good at, if not mastering them, is as important as the need to attract new customers itself. They are as joined at the hip as can be. Good marketing results won’t manifest without solid principles.

Optimizing your company’s marketing practices will maximize investment returns and increase your top-line sales revenue. Guaranteed.

Part of the reason for so much squandered time and money is that marketing and advertising are inexact art and sciences. Though art can never be made perfect, increased and measurable returns on marketing investment (ROMI) are always attainable. Creative advancements (the art), new forms of content delivery (media) and extensive analytics development (the science) make standout results possible. […]