How To Attract More New Clients

Establishing a solid business is always the result of trust and strong relationships between companies and clients...and referrals.

Many problems can ruin a company, but, of course, there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to bring in new clients…

The encouraging news is that the customer base for most companies represents only a small percentage of their market. Treating current clients like royalty, while placing committed focus on prospects who aren’t yet customers, is (of course) the answer.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.” -Woody Allen

For many elements in life, there’s much truth to Woody Allen’s idea. For marketing, especially on the internet, not so.

Gone forever are days when people make purchasing decisions based on receipt of well-timed or placed advertisements. Because information is easily available and verifiable, important purchases are made only after a gathering of facts (education) has occurred. The concept of emotional purchases is going to die. Large spontaneous purchases, for the most part, may already have.

To succeed at marketing online, a company must comprehend and execute upon the importance of what we call “education“ (a.k.a. content) marketing. Education marketing is the opportunity a company has to provide useful information to a potential prospect (in advance, without cost) to establish credibility and knowledge of a particular subject. Information that gives them the feeling that you might be able to help solve a specific problem for their lives. It also gives people an opportunity to develop an interest (faith and trust) in your company and get to know you a bit better.

Solid business has always been the result of positive company/client relationships…..That doesn’t change.

Two primary conditions must exist to gain the attention of your target market: 1) extremely high quality information; in advance and free 2) on the most appropriate platforms for prospective clients (drawing below).

Useful information on a platform which isn’t frequented by a company’s market won’t be found by those who need it. Similarly, less than helpful, low quality content on a correctly targeted platform will be ignored. The Internet is effective for business when the pertinent information is found in the right place by prospects. When comfortable, qualified prospects will then move forward to the company website, through the sales process and possibly provide the chance to become your new client.

For there to be a new client, there must be a need (or desire), an initial appeal, a connection based on confidence, and a continued positive, beneficial experience throughout. Many things must go right for sales to occur. Those are contingent on what we say. And where we say it.

New clients are out there. But they need to be given very good reasons to want to know your company…

About Branding

How to better project and promote your company's identity...

Through your business to customer marketing do you emit the feeling to people that they know you, like you and can trust you before they’ve even met you?

If your answer is “YES”, then “CONGRATULATIONS”!! You’ve obviously developed a tremendous “brand identity” for your company and of yourself.

Be proud that you possess that ability and those qualities. Now all you must do is be and always demonstrate that you are those things (good, likeable, trustworthy) and you’ll have many clients for life.  Understand and adhere to this principle within your business to customer marketing and self and you’ll receive tremendous results from there also.

Business cards, websites, brochures, logos, etc., are wonderful and must contain your essence but that’s merely a snapshot reflection of your “brand.” If you begin your business to customer marketing at the branding level and haven’t understood and developed your “brand identity” then a noticeable inconsistency will exist.  Credibility will not.

You’ll hand out pretty cards and pamphlets but they’ll merely be shiny things that you’ve chosen from a catalog. A million dollar website will be a waste of funds if it doesn’t “connect” people with you and it can’t if your identity (who you are, what you represent) isn’t present within it. That’s because YOU are missing.

We must identify our brand identity first. Only then can we proceed with the other marketing efforts which will then possess and convey our personal and business identity. If you spend just a brief time on other pages of this website, you’ll gain a feel and understanding for:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Why we do it
  • Who we do it for
  • Our unique selling proposition and value
  • How we position ourselves in the market we’ve chosen
  • What then inspires this particular market to choose us

Tell me about your brand identity…..

Without New Ideas, We’re In Big Trouble

Remember Napster?...

Sure, we all remember Napster, the online service which enabled people to illegally trade and download music to their computers for free. You’ll also likely recall that Napster had the record companies, publishers and distributors stumped for years regarding how to combat the piracy of their content…licensed music.

While Napster’s practices (as they were then) were eventually shutdown by the courts for infringement of copyrighted music, the music industry itself never came close to producing a solution for their Napster problem. Not until an outside entity came around (Apple), could anything resembling a solution (iTunes) be identified.

Indeed Apple had very smart people involved (Jobs), but a significant part of the music industry’s dilemma stemmed from the fact that the record companies executives couldn’t resolve a business problem like they hadn’t encountered before. It was outside their realm of thinking. Their perspective was narrow and they weren’t able to consider all options because they were “programmed” to think differently. Very smart people in their own right, but short on ideas outside of their “box”…

Companies and even entire industries, like individuals, tend to develop and then operate within patterns of thinking. These patterns help form a company’s culture and a routine way of doing business but are also powerful inhibitors. They inhibit development of new ideas, innovation and the ability to solve unusual problems. Causing a difficulty to “think outside of the box”….repeated patterns of thinking is what creates the box in the first place.

In a world of less complicated minds, there wouldn’t be boxes. We’d be able to always see things clearly, with wide perspectives and no limitations. Most aren’t able to stray too far from the proverbial box. It’s partly how the brain inherently is but also what it becomes accustomed (trained) to over time.

Problem solving, new products creation, moving anything to a higher level and other designs for improvement require new ideas. And new ideas must come from somewhere. If and when things feel “stuck” it’s likely due to current and recurring patterns of thinking. To break through that, methods of encouraging new ideas must either be developed or imported.

Just like the record companies; without new ideas, we’re screwed!

The Intelligent Entrepreneur

“How badly do you want this?” is the perfect question for entrepreneurs to ask themselves daily...

The Intelligent Entrepreneur, by Bill Murphy Jr., tells the stories of three Harvard Business School graduates (Chris, Marla and Marc) and the outcomes they experienced during and after launching their companies. They each had the audacity to believe that they had ideas that could leave positive marks on the world. They were right but their journeys were not without challenges and scary periods of time.

The three are referred to many times in the book as “high percentage” entrepreneurs and if you read the book you’ll find out why they’re high percentage. Not so much because of their HBS post graduate educations or the fact that they’re incredibly smarter than the rest of the population. Yes, they are very bright people, don’t want to downplay that, but they do well more because once they decided to go forward with their ideas, they believed in themselves and persisted through the difficult periods.

The Intelligent Entrepreneur talks deeply about entrepreneurship itself almost as much as it does the case studies of the three subjects. If you have business ideas that will solve problems for people and those ideas cause a burning desire to bring them to our world, then absolutely read this book (twice).

There’s also one other byproduct of reading this book that I’ve noticed. Not only is it about successful entrepreneurial endeavors of others. It’s also about the reader’s own skills becoming better honed as a result of traveling the journey with them. In other words, you will become a more effective and inspired entrepreneur yourself as a result of reading this great work.

If you have a business or are just plain interested in the subject of entrepreneurship, this may be the only book you’ll ever care to read about it. We read it twice last year and read it again last week. It’s that good!

intelligent entrepreneur, in-the-flow marketing

Marketing Is An Inside Job

Construct a deep understanding of your future clients and speak directly to them…They will listen.

Do you really know who your future clients are and where they’ll be coming from?

Do you know which platforms they most frequently visit on the Internet?

Is your company’s online marketing on the very same platforms that your future clients frequent?

What are your future clients interested in and which of your services (products) are they most likely to need?

What online content (information) can your company provide which best appeals to your future clients’ attention when they need it?

Is your company able to empathize with the experiences of your future clients throughout their entire online and purchasing experience?

What problems would future clients like solved? Are you able to solve those for them? How do you assure them of that?

What else do they want to achieve for their lives? Are you able to help them achieve those things? How do you demonstrate that?

How can you best express (market) the levels of satisfaction online that your future clients will experience with your company?

Can you effectively convey why future clients should choose to do business with you versus the other options available to them?

The science of marketing succeeds when able to thoroughly comprehend the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of those who make up your future client (target) market. Understanding who they are, where they go, what they need and why they purchase is golden information. Telling them what your company offers and what they’ll appreciate about your services (products) comes following that.

Construct a deep understanding of your future clients. Then speak to them. They do need you…

“Coffee is for closers.” It’s about the leads.

Target your marketing. It changes everything, for everybody...

Remember Blake (Alec Baldwin) in “Glengarry Glen Ross?”

Put. That coffee. Down. Coffee’s for closers only.”


The leads are weak?” The f’n leads are weak? You’re weak. I’ve been in this business fifteen years…”


These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they’re gold, and you don’t get them. Why? Because to give them to you would be just throwing them away… They’re for closers.”

Classic script writing and acting for sure, but what exactly were those Glengarry leads and what makes them so special?

Even knowing that 20% of the sales people in our world close 80% of the sales, there’s still much to be said about the quality of leads. Clearly the Glengarry leads were well targeted with a high probability and expectation to close. On those cards were the names, addresses and phone numbers of truly interested prospects who were waiting for that call from a “Mitch & Murray” salesperson.

The leads are golden because they weren’t just produced as a result of marketing mud thrown against the wall. The sales person who calls on those leads has a great chance to close the business because he or she is actually fulfilling a desire or solving a problem for someone. The prospects themselves at some point have already indicated as much.

Weak leads are time, money and enthusiasm thieves. If you’re a business owner or in sales, consider how exciting and lucrative your life would be if you could close a high percentage of your sales activities? What if you went to work every day expecting to close numerous sales? That possibility comes from expert salesmanship and, also, working with well targeted leads.

Target your marketing. It changes everything. Significantly. For everybody. Then…

A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing…

Decide that you’re going to get the “Glengarry leads” for your company.

In-The-Flow Marketing & Consulting

Develop and execute a real strategy that best suits your company, industry, customer market and grow!

In-The-Flow Marketing & Consulting designs and creates a fully customized, online marketing solution, guaranteed to grow your business. We generate a constant and never-ending growth of exposure and customers by developing and implementing the strategy that fits your company, industry and customer base.

In-The-Flow Marketing & Consulting reaches ideal prospects for you. People who genuinely seek your services (products). After we implement our online marketing strategy (within two weeks), your company will have in place, a fully functional and scalable Internet marketing “engine.” Your marketing engine constantly builds and manages an ever expanding base of customers who responded specifically to the appeal of your products. Increased and consistent internet exposure and the personalized “touch” it offers connects your business to additional people on an ongoing basis. Your business grows as a result and your Internet Marketing becomes an important part of your customers’ positive experience. 

We design, create, implement and deliver the customized Internet Marketing strategy for your company. This generates additional enthusiasm for your products which brings positive “flow” to every aspect of your business. Your Internet Marketing is seamlessly added to other marketing efforts currently under way which can be maximized. We make you much easier to find. More new clients become aware and consider you.

How do we do that? What do we consider and which resources do we utilize?


  • With extreme clarity we comprehend your well defined, desired customer market (niche). “Who are my customers and what do I provide which assists them in their lives?”
  • All elements of your customized solution are designed and developed with your intended customer base and you in mind. “How do I want to be perceived as a company?”
  • We fully integrate the brand and brand identity of your products and company into your solution. “How can I best serve my particular market?”

RESOURCES (all appropriate for your business, industry and market):

  • Web Site(s) – WordPress based with associated traffic attraction strategy
  • SEO (generate momentum near top of organic searches; Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Website optimization tools; Google, HubSpot Grader, etc.
  • Google tools (Places, Maps, AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, etc.)
  • Online business directories, discussion forums
  • Email marketing strategy and campaign (permission based lists creation tools, autoresponders, Web 2.0, etc.)
  • Article marketing (newsletters, blog, Ezine Articles, press releases, etc.)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Online video (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Internet based paid ads (when desired)
  • Affiliate, reseller, associate programs (when appropriate)

We’ll design and create a fully customized marketing plan for you. When executed, this will generate a constant and never-ending growth of exposure and customers. It’s a strategy that best suits your company, industry and customer base.

About The Internet

The #1 activity on the Internet today is still consumers gathering purchase information...

In a relatively short period of time the Internet has become accessible and utilized by nearly 75% of the global population. As a result each of us can now potentially “connect” with over FIVE BILLION people worldwide (240,000,000 in the U.S.).

More thought for business owners:

The US Dept. of Commerce has identified that the #1 activity on the Internet still today is consumers gathering purchase information.

Millions upon millions of purchasing decisions are being influenced and finalized over the Internet each and every day, often within minutes after a “connection” and subsequent level of interest is formed.

The Internet is where people now go for information to seek solutions for their problems and to fulfill desires. They seek what is helpful to their lives. If a company is merely interested in selling, they tend to move on (run) and do so quickly (fast). However, when they encounter a company that’s genuinelyinterested in providing solutions to their challenges or desires, a level of trust begins to be formed.

Associated products are then considered with a feeling that “these people truly have my best interests at heart, not just their own” and “I should take a good look at their message and offerings.” When trust  is  deserved and earned, a product is often purchased and its effectiveness is given an opportunity to speak for itself. When desired results are delivered, customers become “delighted”, return over and over again and also tell their friends. A highly successful business evolves as a result.