What Will Make Your Advertising Pay The Most?

Most companies overlook this important fundamental marketing and sales skill...

Finding more ideal clients is the life-blood for all business and forever will be. Most companies want growth but all face some level of client attrition over time; the exact opposite of expansion. In either case, the solution for both (achieve business growth and overcome some attrition) is the same: precision market targeting.

Precise market targeting will help your company find new and ideal clients and will also guide your marketing to become vividly clear about an important fundamental principle: That every product and service has its own distinctive market and should be precisely targeted as such. To deeply understand and practice this principle is guaranteed to boost your company’s lead generation and sales rates.

In other words, your company wants to consciously get away from indiscriminately throwing the proverbial big blanket (net) over large populations of people, while hoping the right ones are paying attention and will respond. This is a mindset shift that is extremely important to the success of both your online and offline marketing efforts. Identify your ideal clients deeply and speak to them directly.find ideal clients, Los Angeles, In-The-Flow-Marketing, Jim Campbell, Redondo Beach

Please adopt the mindset that only people and companies that represent the true market for your company’s products and services should hear from you. No solace should be taken from high volumes of website visitors (and other platform analytics) if your sales numbers aren’t yet satisfactory.

Increasing sales revenues is always the true marketing “end game” and you will be pleasantly surprised how much your business starts to thrive from this simple shift in perspective.

There is no reason to ever knowingly spend or allow time and money to be wasted reaching wrong markets. Your goal should be to reach only your company’s own services and products purchasers. Precise market targeting does that. […]

How Advertising On Facebook Makes Finding New Clients Easier And Cheaper

Making contact with more truly qualified prospective clients makes all the difference...

You may have heard the joke about the guy outside a bar who was seen scuffling around on the ground under a corner street light. A policeman came along and asked him what he was doing. “I lost my keys.” the man said. The officer started to help him look, but after about ten minutes the exasperated policeman asked the man, “Are you sure you dropped them here?”

“No, I dropped them way over there, by my car,” said the man while pointing at a parked car twenty yards away, “but the light is much better over here.”

Why that story? Because no matter how hard he looks, the man is never going to find his keys there – and this same principle applies to your company’s business and its marketing and advertising success. You don’t want any of your marketing efforts spent attempting to make contact with new clients in places where they won’t be reached. This may seem obvious, but can you estimate what percentage of your advertising has a chance of truly connecting with potential ideal clients today?

Use The Platform That Knows Where Your New Ideal Clients Are

If that seems like a silly thing to say, think about if you’re currently investing marketing dollars and if you’re reaching people who don’t want, need or perhaps can’t even afford your products.

Frankly, companies missing their markets entirely is much more common than precise market targeting is. People tend to not be very good at targeting precisely enough to grow their sales. This is not an area for anyone in your company to be sloppy, lazy or under-informed…

Sadly, most marketing budgets evaporate with only small or no returns as a result. That’s because precision market targeting is difficult until you get the hang of it and that requires the right tools, knowledge and work habits.

When your company does attain this expertise, it will change your business life in ways you’ve only imagined. Guaranteed.

Many things can harm a company, but there’s one that’s especially deadly – the inability to reach qualified new clients. The good news is that they’re easier to find and connect with when precise targeting is employed. […]

What To Do When Your Marketing Disappoints

Learn what you can do to begin improving your returns...

Do you feel your company’s marketing should produce better than it does? If so, know that it may have become a member of a very old club no company should ever join…It is time to revoke its membership.

Just about a hundred years ago, John Wanamaker, a successful merchant at the time (think Macy’s) and considered to be a pioneer in marketing said this:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted.
The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Some things never change and this can be one of them. But in the 21st century, that doesn’t need to be, nor should it be the case for you.

Obviously, marketing that disappoints has been around since advertising was born. Though John struggled with this a century ago, the waste remains prevalent and antagonizes most companies today.

Yes, most companies.

In fact, most managers know (or at least sense) that their company’s marketing fritters away glorious amounts of time and money today, but don’t know what to do about it.marketing disappoints, Jim Campbell, In-The-Flow-Marketing, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach

Do you feel your financial and time investment in marketing should return more than it does?

Sound marketing principles deliver superior results and getting good at, if not mastering them, is as equal in importance as the need to attract new customers itself is. They are as joined at the hip as can be.

Optimizing your company’s marketing practices will maximize investment returns and increase your top-line sales revenue. Guaranteed.

Part of the reason for so much squandered time and money is that marketing and advertising are inexact art and sciences. Though art can never be made perfect, increased and measurable returns on marketing investment (ROMI) are always attainable. Creative advancements (the art), new forms of content delivery (media) and extensive analytics development (the science) make standout results possible. […]

“I am deeply impressed by Jim Campbell. I don’t know how anyone can share so much about marketing without using the word ‘doth.’”

-William Shakespeare